ARCHIV Shetlandi 2013

National Championship in Lysá nad Labem

The shetland pony championship took place in Lysá nad Labem on 22nd September. I sent up two yearlings, Plamp Penny and Plamp Jemima. I was really curious how would Jemima end up because it was her first show. My friends mare was supposed to go with us. We showered and polished the ponies and put them into a box for the Satruday night. I almost fainted in the morning because Jemima limped. The mares must have hustled. I called a vet and only Penny went to the show.

The show was very neat. I loved seeing breeders and my friends again. Penny got second in the one and two years old class. Kadov Azalea won the class and the whole championship later on too. The weather was very nice. We loved to take part. Thanks to organizators for a nice show.


Jo Goes Piebald!

The girls started losing their baby coat. Rosie was clearly a piebald since birth; Jo was brown&white. I was losing hope that the light brown would turn black. But would you look at it! Jo's brown fur is turning beautifully black.





Chipping the Foals

Now I would like to notify all those who are not aware, that if you have your foal chipped by a local veterinary doctor, this chip (even though it has the national code for CR 203) is not necessarily in accords with the numeric combination that is ordained by the breeding law. I insert a quote from a letter I received from National Stud Kladruby:


Dear breeder,

in relation to the registration of foals Plamp Jemima and Plamp Penny we would like to notify you that nonlegal microchips were used for their identification: [microchip numbers] contain the national code for CR 203 however the numerical combination was not provided to the  manufacturer by a certified party as stated in the breeding law no. 154/200Sb, resp. notice no. 136/2004 Sb in §4, paragraph 2. A novelisation of the aforementioned notice which is in effect since 1.4.2013 states in § 15 paragraph 2, that a horse identified with a faulty microchip must have its genetic type designated to serve as an alternate means of identification. According to this legislative we implore you provide the genetic types of horses Plamp Penny and Plamp Jemima before 15.7.2013. If the genetic types aren't provided in this time limit, we will be forced to notify the governing body, the ministry of agriculture.


In conclusion, even though you don't need to fregister the foal with the Czech breeder's book SHP, it is surer to have the foal chipped by a horse-breeding inspector rather than by the vet, as the vet might use a wrong type of the chip. If anyone would like  to learn more, do not hesitate to contact me.




Finally, summer!

The hot days have finally arrived. After years of experimenting on how to best set up the electric fences, it would appear we have finally figured it out. The great pasture now includes our house. The goats can only admire my garden across the fence. The ponies on the other hand are taking full advantage of the access to the curtilage. Even thought the fence offers a hectare and half of pasture, all the horses are sunbathing squished on a 10 per 10 metres area.




Tiffany sold

Today Tiffany left for her new home in Jesenice u Prahy. She'll be a three year old boy's first pony. May Tiffany bring her new family as much joy as he brought to us! She is a wonderful mare.


Thordale Zsa Zsy

Zsa Zsy from the Markes Stud came to spend summer with us. The three year old mare can't stand the heat and the swarms of insect of east Moravia. It only took two days in our colder, mountain climate and she was already looking much better than when she arrived. She took liking to the ski slip road. When not grazing, she stands there like a statue. Zha Zsy is a sweet calm mare, very friendly towards people. She walks me to the gate every time.


Markes Sofia

Fortune's little girl was born in the Markes Stud today. That means Fortune gave us 3 girls and no boys this year. He's a proper stud! Sending our love and best wishes to Stud Markes.




Jo celebrates 5 days

Jasmine no longer guards her child like a mama bear and we get to pet the little one on occasion. She's not as cuddly as Primrose yet but we're working on it :)






Primrose is born

This afternoon, Prism gave birth to a beautiful piebald filly. Fortune who too was on the pasture didn't bother the mother or the little one, only kept an eye on them to make sure they were alright. The longer Fortune he is with us, the more I realise how lucky we are to have him.

The little one got her name from Christine Vihrs: Plamp Primrose. Prim is a lovely mother and she isn't as protective as Jasmine. She lets us close to Primrose right away. Rosie is curious, fearless and friendly. In the autumn when she can be removed from her mother, Primrose will be for sale. It is possible to have her booked for advance payment of 10 000 Czk. The full price is 25 000 Czk.  The filly will be registered with the SPS-BS maternal studbook, vaccinated and with basic skills.





Jo is born

Tonight at midnight, Jasmine gave birth to a filly. She is a funny piebald girl, we named her Plamp Jo. Jasmine is extremely protective of her little one, she won't let us get close. She was giving birth in a box with Prism present - Prism stood quietly aside and pretended she wasn't there, letting Jasmine run the show. Little Jo will be for sale in the autumn. It is possible to book her for an advance payment of 10 000 Czk. The full price is 25 000 Czk. The little lone will be registered in the SPS-BS studbook, vaccinated, with basic skills.





Tiffany returns

Today Tiffany returned from her winter stabling. She was at a nearby farm because she was not in foal; she couldn't be in the same herd as Fortune. And we can only have one herd during the winter. She had a very good time at the farm, perfect care, a shetland pony friend, a barn and a fence 24/7. We're happy to have her back. Regretfully Tiffany didn't make it into the studbook, therefore she is for sale. She is extraordinary, a perfect fit for children. More information is available in the For Sale section.






Forgotten summer photos

I found a couple photos by Mr. Farsky from the summer. I would like to thank him for these, they're amazing :)





















Winter 2012/2013


This year's winter was merciful. There was little snow and little winter; we didn't have to shovel much snow. We took advantage of the few sunny days there were and took some photos.