Merry Christmas

Goodbye Teller

The four year old gelding Plamp Teller goes for a journey out of our home. A lady bought him as a partner to her riding mare and she will teach him how to work with long reins. Good luck at your new home Teller!


Jack's arrival

Knock Jack Spratt arrived yesterday. Pure Marshwood bloodline. He is just amazing! Thanks a lot to Helen Coxon for him. I know it was not easy to say goodbye to him after so many years beeing together.
Thanks a lot to Mr Barry and his RTJ horses company for taking him from Ireland to Czech so fast and comfortable.

Welcome in your new home Jack!









Birth of Janine

Today, just before five o’clock in the morning Jasmine gave birth to a filly Plamp Janine. Even though I was checking on Jasmine for the whole night she played me like a fiddle and the next time I came Jasmine was already done with it. Janine is slightly premature but active and healthy. Jasmine (23) is an amazing mare. Janines’ father is Knock Fortune Maker and Janine is his sixteenth child (tenth daughter). The name Janine means “a gift from the god”. And Janine really is a gift. I didn’t even count on Jasmine giving me any more foals in her advanced age. Welcome home Janine.