Plamp Midnight Song

Madie was born today at 1AM out of Gwyddelfynydd Evening Song by Knock Fortune Maker. The foaling season is over in our stud. We have got 3 colts and 2 fillies this year.


Plamp June

1st June at 8AM was born black filly out of Oxendale Jubilant by Knock Fortune Maker. June was big and strong one and we had to help Jubilant with this job. They both are doing well.




Plamp Sirius

Third colt delivered in a row. Born 4,15 AM, he is 1-2 week premature.
Dame: Tulip Rose af Jaboruder
Sir: Skippy v Geldersoord
SA negative through parentage
Marshwood pedigree


Plamp Ebony

Our first 2023 foal arrived during the very early morning. Plamp Primrose has supriced us with a lovely black colt by Equerry of Transy.





Plamp Fortune Strikes

Another standard colt safely arrived today early morning.
Sir: Knock Fortune Maker
Dame: Plamp Jemima


Plamp Julie - Licensing day

We participated in the licencing day on the 6th April with our young filly Plamp Julie. The weather was good and it was nice to meet fellow pony shetland breeders. Julka proved she has good manners.


Dame: Oxendale Jubilant
Sir: Knock Fortune Maker


  • Registered with SPSBS
  • Born 27.7. 2020
  • High 92 cm
  • Shinbone 15,5cm
  • SA clear









Plamp Eitan - Czech breeding license

On Sunday 26th February Amálka took our young stallion Plamp Eitan to get a breeding licence in Pisek. Eitan was born in the summer of 2018 and is turning 5 this year. He is of the Marshwood bloodline (through his Dame, Oxendale Jubilant), that is known for taking its time fully maturing. His Sire Equerry of Transy was a late bloomer as well. It is no surprise that Eitan isn't quite done maturing yet and needs a little more time to reach his full potential. However, it's time he learned how to run with mares.

Eitan is very similar in statue to his Sire Equerry, from who he also inherited the way he moves. The width and the shape of his back, his mane and head he got from his Dame Odendale Jubilant.

Eitan's character is stellar. He is calm, affectionate and easy to handle. He is used to being in a herd with stallions of all ages - he gets along well with all age groups.

The judges were Mrs Petra Šarochová (representing the Czech Shetland Pony Studbook Society), Mr Políček (ASCHK) and Mr Docent Maršálek.

Eitan reached his Czech licence to breed with the score of 7.15. Height at the whiters: 93 cm, diameter at the cannon bone 15.5 cm.