Primrose is born

This afternoon, Prism gave birth to a beautiful piebald filly. Fortune who too was on the pasture didn't bother the mother or the little one, only kept an eye on them to make sure they were alright. The longer Fortune he is with us, the more I realise how lucky we are to have him.

The little one got her name from Christine Vihrs: Plamp Primrose. Prim is a lovely mother and she isn't as protective as Jasmine. She lets us close to Primrose right away. Rosie is curious, fearless and friendly. In the autumn when she can be removed from her mother, Primrose will be for sale. It is possible to have her booked for advance payment of 10 000 Czk. The full price is 25 000 Czk.  The filly will be registered with the SPS-BS maternal studbook, vaccinated and with basic skills.