Archiv 2022

Tulip Rose af Jaboruder

In October we welcomed a new member to our herd: a lovely mare and a worthy mother Tulip Rose af Jabourer. The older mare is once again of my favourite Marshwood-Transy bloodline. She came to us from Sweden, where she run with Skippy van Geldersoord. With luck, Tulip arrived with a little passenger in her belly and we'll have a black foal from her next year.


Plamp Jenefer

The last cuddle session with our yearling filly Jenefer. She is heading to her new home. Good Luck Sweety.



Plamp Joy & Plamp Good Fortune

Last night was busy. First foal was born at about 1AM. Piebald filly out of Plamp Janine by Knock Fortune Maker. It is Janine’s first foal and Janine was nice to her but a little bit confused. She acted as a good aunt - not a mom.
We had wait and help the filly to drink the first few hours. Janine is a right mom now. We named the little one Plamp Good Fortune in the honour of her grandmother Knock Good Fortune.

Piebald filly Joy was born around 4AM out of Plamp Jo by Knock Jack Spratt. Jo is a super mare, everything went smoothly without any problems. Joy is a joy to have!


Janine & Goodie







Plamp Jo & Joy




Plamp Juri

Strong big black filly arrived at 3AM. Oxendale Jubilant/Knock Fortune Maker. We had to call vet because she was stuck. Juri is a fighter! We thought she was a goner but she pulled through thx to the vet. Many thanks to our amazing vet MVDr Ott and our neighbours who helped to get her out.

Jubilant got an antibiotics for five days and tetanus vaccine. She is in good mood, happy, looking great after Juri. Jubilant is amazing strong brood mare!




Plamp Love Song

Foaling season has officially begun for us at Plamp. Today very early morning Gwyddelfynydd Evening Song gave birth to the black standard filly by Knock Fortune Maker. We have decided to call her Plamp Love Song. Love is the first black foal by our piebald stallion Knock Fortune Maker.


Sale of Plamp Jingle Bell and Primrose’s Pixie

Our sweet piebald fillies Bella and Pixie are leaving the nest with their new family.
We will miss those little funny girls.

Good luck our little babies in your new lovely home.