Merry Christmas

Plamp Jaffe

We were not sure long time if Horninglow Jasmine is in foal. She shared a pasture with Knock Jack Spratt all summer and autumn 2020. It was a big love. Jack has danced as Jasmine has whistled. I did not expected she can get pregnant becouse of her hormonal disbalance. I let make her blood test “just for sure” in winter and the result was negative. Also her belly was smaller comparing with other mares in foal in the spring.
Her belly started to grow up fast in summer. So I let make another blood test and it was positive. So we started to check her many times per day. Martin and Ami needed to give a bath to Skywalker for Saturday’s show. So they checked Jasmine, they gave a bath to Sky and they checked Jas again. And she was there. Our little black princess standing on her legs drinking milk. We called her Jaffe , means beatiful in hebrew. The port Jaffa in Israel and an asteroid 9696 Jaffe have the same name.



Renata Markova’s visit - Equerry of Transy

Renata Markova (Markes stud) came to us for a visit. We spent three wonderful days together. She is good fotographer so she took photos of my ponies. We visited Kadov and Black Sababsh studs. We have enjoyed ponies talks a lot.

She is a shetland pony judge too so I was glad for her result that “Equerry of Transy is finally adult and that he looks really well”.










Plamp Jenefer

Today early morning Plamp Jemima gave a birth to sweet little filly. She is the second filly by Knock Jack Spratt. She is so sweet and funny and self-confident. She is like “Hello , I just arrived, admire me everybody”. We enjoy fun with her. She doesnot need her mommy’s attention so much. She is partner in crime with her older half-brother Japetus.




Knock Jack Spratt - Czech breeding licence event

19 year old Knock Jack Spratt got his breeding licence for Czech rep on Saturday. It was so hot weather. I promised him it is his first and last show in Czech.








Plamp Eitan - Czech breeding licence event

3 year old Plamp Eitan (Equerry of Transy/Oxendale Jubilant).

This young colt did not get his Czech breeding licence. The licence comission saw him as a too young. I need to give him more time to get fully “baked” ....




Plamp Jocelyn

Plamp Jo foaled strong funny piebald filly “in the pants” today early morning. Jocelyn is the first filly borned by Knock Jack Spratt.



Plamp Japetus

Gwyddelfynydd Evening Song foaled a nice big black colt today early morning. He is the first foal by Knock Jack Spratt in Czech rep. He arrived about 2 weeks earlier.
Knock Jack Spratt has got a lovely yearling colt Carajane Diamond Jack in UK already. He is one of the last Marshwood licenced stallions.


Rosie and Pixie

I have bought back my mare Plamp Primrose who I sold three years ago. That time I had not unrelated stallion for her. I m going let Rosie run with Equerry of Transy this summer.
Rosie came back home with her yearling filly Pixie. Pixie is by Wells General Major. She is A little bit shy filly. They both came an underweigh comparing my ponies. Rosie lost her strong neck. Time to give them both a lot of care and attention.



Jolene goes to Germany

Plamp Jolene left our stud yesterday. She went to her new home to The Findling stud in Germany. Jolene is the first foal who I sold as a yarling. I m used to sell ponies 3 years old and older. She is the first foal out of Jo. Big strong amazing sweet girl. It was really hard to say goodbye to her .