Tellers weaning

Teller is seven months old now and it’s necessary to wean him from drinking milk from his mother Jasmine. That’s why we took him with Fortune three kilometers away to the pasture in Roudnice. They even have a big barn there, so cold shouldn’t be a problem. Teller takes the isolation from his mother well, he goes great with Fortune.






Christmas fair

We found a beautiful butter churns at the fair in Jilemnice. I want to try and make my own butter next year. Cross your fingers for me!


Penny went away

So Penny is already in Morava with her new family. A three year old girl cuddles her there and the whole family looks after her, even grandparents. Penny became the leader after a few days (she was always last in the herd) and she bosses few goats around. Good luck Penny!!!!




It was a beautiful summer that continues with a beautiful fall. Well so far but you know how weather can be.

Two and a half year old Rosie is now bigger than her mother Yarpha Prism that is still stubborn about letting her drink milk…


Teller grows

Teller is fourteen years old now. He is with Jasmine in his own small fence so he can get used to us quicker. He already lets us pet him all over his body. Soon he will go with Jasmine into the big pasture to join others.




Barbucha was born to Baruna with a twin in the spring of 2014. She is a bit shy but very nice. She wasn’t impregnated so she grew into a big strong goat. She will be impregnated this fall.



Baruna gave birth to twins – a buck and a boob. Terka had a boy as usual. All the kids were too dark so they weren’t kennel material. The gal’s milk nicely even due to their advanced age. We make cream or cheese up to three times a week. Girls still prefer grazing on walks. That’s why we wander the surrounding land twice a day. Though they can go to the big pasture whenever they want. We sold the buck and we will be looking for a better one in autumn.



We were waiting for Pepina for such a long time. Her mother Terka gives birth only to one child and they’re only boys. Pepina was her first daughter. She is friendly, nice and cuddly. She was born in the spring of 2014 and she wasn’t impregnated the first year. That’s why she beautifully grown. Her udder already making a nice shape. She will be impregnated this fall.


Plamp Fortune Teller

Jasmine has given life to Teller, who is a wonderful and strong little stallion. Jasmine didnt need any help with delivering, shes such a great mother.

It´s snowing!

Our ponies don´t mind the snow and cold weather generally.

Jasmine is pregnant, we are already looking forward to have the foal, our only one this year.



Vše nejlepší do Nového roku!

Amálka namalovala krásnou PFku, kochejte se.



Hřebčín Plamp Vám tímto přeje štěstí, zdraví a spoustu, nejen chovatelských, úspěchů do roku 2015.