Visiting Mrs Edwards

We have spent wonderful day with Mrs. Sheila Edwards today. She is amazing lovely lady and famous shetland pony breeder. We have enjoyed talking about shetlands. Her family stud KNOCK has produced over 120 foals, the most of them are Marshwood bloodline.

We have seen her last mare Knock Good Fortune called Muffin :) in the garden. Muff was born in 1981, so she is 36 years old now. She cannot see and hear well , but she still enjoys to eat Polo mint sweet :)

Mrs. Sheila Edwards is interesting about her ponies. If somebody has photos and informations about any of them, send them to me please.  Ponies with her prefix are in UK, Holland, Sweeden, Finland, Czech rep. .....

I m proud owner of wonderful stallion Knock Fortune Maker... thank you for him Mrs. Edwards! 


Muffin as a foal

Visit at Hartside stud

Me and Martin have visited Hartside stud in Cumbria. They have circa 70 shetland ponies, both standard and mini type. The Lowthian family has about 100 ha lands and their shetlands are gorgeous. They're all in great condition, they're friendly and curious and like to cuddle. One of the foals even left their mum to go with us to the gate. Hartside stud owned a few Marshwood shetlands for many years. One of them was Pilot of Marshwood, who was bought by mrs. Janet as a colt and he spent his life in Hartside. When you talk to mrs. Janet, you get the feeling that she loves her ponies. She rides a motorcycle to see the ponies and to give them treats every day.


Visiting Prism

We have visited  Prism in her new home today . She has got a wonderful life there being spoilted by all family. 



The last arrival

Today 7th March Barbucha gave birth to our last arrival, a girl.  Barbucha was born in Spring 2014 and this is her first kid.  It was a difficult birth during which the kid almost suffocated.  When she was born, I had to clear out her muzzle and I tried to help her with breathing.  I was beginning to think that she wouldn’t make it when she finally took her first deep breath.  After an hour she got up on her four wobbly legs and with my help began to drink.  I keep my fingers crossed that she is fine from now on.

I am very pleased with Barbucha, who immediately developed a strong bond with her daughter.  She never leaves her side, keeps her clean and is very patient whilst feeding.  Before the birth she was quite a nervous nanny-goat but now she doesn’t mind what is happening around her, she only cares for her bellowed kid.  


Barcina’s twins

Today Barca gave birth to two beautiful strong kids.  A billy goat and a nanny goat.  The billy weighs 3.7 kg and the nanny 3.3 kg.  The kids are of the “Ještěd” line after their father. They both have a splendid basic outline and a good base colour.  I am going to leave them with their mother for three months.  If their breed standard and body shapes are satisfactory, I will keep the nanny for breeding and sell the billy at a goat retail market. 


This season’s first kid

Today Terka gave birth to the first kid for this season.  It is a billy goat, a single kid - AGAIN!!  Weight 3.2 kg.  He has a lovely typical outline but the base colour is too fair so unfortunately he is not good for breeding. 


A visit from Rosice

On Saturday we received a big visit from the Markov family from Rosice.  We went to see our ponies, “Fortune” and “Teller” in Roudnice.  Their pasture complete with a barn is three kilometres away from our house so I have to drive there every other day to look after my boys. The ponies seem satisfied and happy.  It is a nice change for Fortune not to be bothered by any mares and he enjoys the company of Teller within their own corral.

Renca always wondered why I was unable to send her a photo of “Teller”.  Now she understands that taking a picture of a horse that is never more that a few centimetres away from me is almost mission impossible.  Within the corral, the terrain is very steep so he never stands straight.  He either has his rump below his head or vice versa. But, we managed to take a picture in the end.

Thank you Reni, Kaja and Jirka for the lovely photos and the nice day we enjoyed together.