00581 565 CZ + 02601057 Javor

Born: 21. 4. 2007

Number: 02809 957 CZ 581/3
Bloodline: H 100.0 Hornless
Breeder: Stránský Karel, Hořensko


Finaly rating: EB  (elite B) 

mother milk: 963kg/year, fat:3,30%, protein 2,86%, raiting Elite
father ´s mother milk:1174 kg/ year, fat 3,3%, protein 2, 89%, raiting Elite record.


Milk rating 

2010: 935 kg/year, fet 3,05%, protein 3,53%, raiting E
Barce draw cca 3,5 - 3,8 liter of milk per a day



20. 2. 2010 two girls Britta and Bella ( both non horn) sold
24. 2. 2011 two girls (both non horn) - sold, one of them was exported to Estonia.
26 January 2013 2 girls and 1 boy, all of them was born without horns.
26 January 2014 1boy and 1girl both without horns. We called the girl Barbucha and she is staying in our stud.
25 January 2015 1boy and 1girl, both no horns.
5 March 2016 1 boy and 1 girl , both no horns.
We call the girl Little Bara and she stays in our stud.

Barče died in March 2016. I miss her ...


Barce is my most lovable goat. She has been  with us for the longest period of time, from the current herd. She has beautiful dug (the prettiest from the herd) with large teats. She is easy to be milked. Her amount of drawn milk is 3-3,8 litres  a day. She eats so much that she permanently looks gravid.




00689 565 CZ + 02398048 CZ Pauli
Born: 26. 3. 2006 číslo: 03295 958 CZ 689/1
Bloodline: H 100.0 Hornless 
Breeder: Štědrá Jana, Vysoká Srbská 78, Hronov 1.



Finaly rating: ER (elite record)

Mother milk: 1031 kg/ year, fat:3,07%, protein 4,00%, raiting Elite record
Father ´s mother milk:1339 kg/year,fat 3,79%, protein: 2, 91%, raiting Elite


Milk rating 

2011: Terka draw cca 3,6 - 4.0 liter of milk per a day


2011 |  boy non horns
2013 |  boy no horns
2014 |  girl no horns
2015 |  girl no horns
2916 |  boy no horns
2017 |  girl no horns
2018 |  boy no horns and girl with horns.
2019 |  girl no horns 

We call the boy Tom and he stays in our stud with the highest breeding level Elita Record


Terka died in spring 2019.


Terka is mind and caress goat. She can force control in the herd, which she leads. She is a peacemaker. She has excellent milk and large amount of drawn milk-around 4 litres a day. She has nice big dug with large teats. Her teats are in the upper part very wide (conical) and when her dug is very full, it is difficult to milk her the first minutes (till the dug softens by partial milk drawing).