The last childbirth of the season

Barbucha gave birth to her very first kid today. It's a girl! Barbucha herself was born in spring of 2014.

The little one was suffocating during the childbirth. Her mouth was full of amniotic sac. I quickly cleaned her mouth and nostrils but I had to help her start breathing, too. I thought I was going to lose her, but then she took the first breath on her own. It took more than an hour for her to stand up and another hour and my help to drink milk. Hopefully she will be alright now.

To my joy, Barbucha is showing great maternal instincts. She won't leave her baby girl alone for a second, she keeps cleaning her and stands patiently when the little one is trying to drink. Before the labour she was more of a squirrelly goat. Now she doesn't have a care in the world beyond her baby :)