A visit from Rosice

On Saturday we received a big visit from the Markov family from Rosice.  We went to see our ponies, “Fortune” and “Teller” in Roudnice.  Their pasture complete with a barn is three kilometres away from our house so I have to drive there every other day to look after my boys. The ponies seem satisfied and happy.  It is a nice change for Fortune not to be bothered by any mares and he enjoys the company of Teller within their own corral.

Renca always wondered why I was unable to send her a photo of “Teller”.  Now she understands that taking a picture of a horse that is never more that a few centimetres away from me is almost mission impossible.  Within the corral, the terrain is very steep so he never stands straight.  He either has his rump below his head or vice versa. But, we managed to take a picture in the end.

Thank you Reni, Kaja and Jirka for the lovely photos and the nice day we enjoyed together.