A visit from Rosice

On Saturday, Renata Markova and her family came to visit from Rosice. They came to see Fortune and Teller in Roudnice. This pasture with a barn is 3 kms away from our house - we have to drive there at least every two days to check up on them. They both seemed to like it there. Fortune isn't frustrated by having mares just out of his reach and he enjoy's Teller's company after a year of solitude.


Renata always wondered how come I never send her any good photos of Teller. Now she understood that taking a picture of Teller is an impossible task for one person :) Teller is so curious and cuddly, that he is always too close to the camera. Furthermore, since the pasture is on a slope of a hill it is really hard to get Teller to stand on a contour, so that neither his head nor his butt is lower. In the end we succeeded in taking a few nice photos :)


Thanks, Renata, Kaja and Jirka for beautiful photos and a wonderful time.