Plamp Jaffe

We were not sure long time if Horninglow Jasmine is in foal. She shared a pasture with Knock Jack Spratt all summer and autumn 2020. It was a big love. Jack has danced as Jasmine has whistled. I did not expected she can get pregnant becouse of her hormonal disbalance. I let make her blood test “just for sure” in winter and the result was negative. Also her belly was smaller comparing with other mares in foal in the spring.
Her belly started to grow up fast in summer. So I let make another blood test and it was positive. So we started to check her many times per day. Martin and Ami needed to give a bath to Skywalker for Saturday’s show. So they checked Jasmine, they gave a bath to Sky and they checked Jas again. And she was there. Our little black princess standing on her legs drinking milk. We called her Jaffe , means beatiful in hebrew. The port Jaffa in Israel and an asteroid 9696 Jaffe have the same name.